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If you haven’t made appointments before or can’t access the internet, please call us on our appointment and customer service number:
(03) 565 64600. (mon-fri 7.30-17.00)

Here you can find our Online booking.

We also serve our customers during weekends. Weekend appointments can be reserved through online booking. They are for severe situations only. 


If you are not able to attend or you don’t need an appointment anymore, please cancel at least 24 hours before. You can cancel online bookings online with the booking code provided upon the reservation or you can send us an email: peruutus@pirte.fi. When emailing, please write down your name, the reason for cancelling, name of the person you had the appointment to and the time of your appointment.  

Please notice: in case of not cancelling your appointment or cancelling too late full price will be charged.


Pirte services

Pirte offers versatile healthcare and occupational health services. We work with more than 1800 companies and 42 000 employees in all business sectors in the city of Tampere and in the surrounding areas.

  • healthcare services
  • occupational healthcare services
  • occupational well-being services
  • laboratory services (Fimlab Oy)
  • rehabilitation
  • health and welfare courses
  • imaging services (MRI, x-ray, ultrasound)
  • e-services


Contact information

Pirte Healthcare, Tullinkulman Työterveys Oy
address: Vuolteenkatu 1, 33100 Tampere
phone: (03) 5656 4600
email: firstname.familyname@pirte.fi
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We have been granted The Finnish Social Enterprise Mark by The Association for Finnish Work. Its granted to enterprises that try to find solutions to social and ecological problems. Our business operations have positive effects that benefit society.